Quest in Decentraland (Matrix universe style)

2 min readApr 11, 2022


We have developed a mini-game quest in the setting of the movie The Matrix.

The Cyber temple is an allusion to the Matrix film series, symbolizing the duality of the real world and the digital world.

  • Game Name|《The Cyber Temple
  • Number of players|single-player
  • Size|2 parcels
  • Game Type|Quest

In the center of our installation is a unique platform in the form of a giant “squid” machine, which is self-sufficient as an art object and serves as a cyber altar.

The symbolism lies in the monumentality of the platform, compared to the size of the user avatar and its purpose, functional, and mental control over the souls of bodies arriving in sarcophaguses.

The Cyber Temple

Sarcophaguses filled with plugged-in “human bodies” that are placed around the perimeter emphasize that this is a cult structure.

Our user has several options to interact with the installation, either a passive observer (prayer) or a seeker of the original reality (quest mode).

Technology is the new idol of our time.

Cyberpunk is a genre of science fiction that reflects the decline of human culture against the backdrop of technological progress in the computer age.

Cinematic Promo 《The Cyber temple

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