“BMG Mech” 3D Generative NFTs collections

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3 min readApr 11, 2022

5.000 randomly generated, unique, animated, mechas on the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain with utilities in the cross-metaverse.

Animated Meta Slug NFT Mech

After working on the “The Cyber temple” project for Decentraland, we decided to do something interesting and utility for the cross-metaverse.

Our team love the theme of cyberpunk, sci-fi, and robots. And we decided why not be it mechs in the battle arena?

To help in the realization of this ambitious project, we going to involve the community of Decentraland and Sandbox, as well as all the mechs who are not indifferent to the subject thru the NFT collections drop.

No sooner said than done!

So, First of all, the course sketches

MetaSlug sketch.

3D Modeling

The Base 3D model concept MetaSlug Model
Time Lapse Productions


After we diversified the basic model with various traits and loaded this is all into the digital shaker for mixing ( it’s the Blander)👀

“Meta Slug” 3D Generative NFT collections

Each Meta Slug Mech has a unique combination of parts, ensuring its uniqueness.

Traits parameters

  • Armor 16
  • Mingun 8
  • Bandolier 7
  • Headdress 8
  • Foots 2


If Do you get your item, armor, and all additional items in the same texture? Congratulations, you’ve got a Monochrome! A precious companion indeed!

EPIC mechs**

  • 5 mechs are totally bronze
  • 3 mechs are totally silver
  • 2 mechs are totally gold
  • 1 mech totally black

In addition, each owner of the future owner receives:


Wearables in Desentraland and assets in Sandbox.

3D Assets

MetaSlug Meсh is downloadable files ready to be used in the metaverse, games, augmented reality apps, and most visual media formats for storytelling.


This means holding a BMG Meсhs can someday get you access to Battle Arena.


Guilds are the mechanism to empower individuals to join together to achieve a mission greater than themselves. To influence the decisions of actions in the metaverse and the real world.


The “Big Crypto Explosion” spawned a universe of digital “Blockchain Galaxies”.‍

Each galaxy lives by its own unique set of laws and rules called “Consensus Protocols”.‍

In some galaxies, failures occur from time to time, which pose a potential threat to the existence of the “Crypto Universe”.‍

The culprits of these cataclysms are “Orphans” and “Slashing Bots”.‍

To deal with periodic threats, the Intergalactic Crypto Council has created Blockchain Metaverse Guardians #BMG_Mechs.

#BMG_Mechs act as guardians of the blockchain “Crypto Universe” and help their owners/pilots in every way by being their faithful companions.

Users can assemble and smith a personal unique mech assistant by visiting the galaxy meta garage #BMG_Garage.

As training and entertainment, the mechs arrange competitions with each other in various arenas #BMG_Arena, allowing them to be more effective in the fight against real threats from time to time that loom over the “Crypto Universe”.



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