BMG Blockchain Metaverse Guardians

Apr 11, 2022



The “Big Crypto Explosion” spawned a universe of digital “Blockchain galaxies”.

Each galaxy lives by its own unique set of laws and rules called “Consensus protocols”.

In some galaxies, failures occur from time to time, which pose a potential threat to the existence of the “Crypto universe”.

The culprits of these cataclysms are “Orphans” and

“Slashing bots”.

To deal with periodic threats, the Intergalactic Crypto Council has created Crypto-Mechs.

CryptoMechs act as protectors of the blockchain “Crypto universe” and help their users in every way by being their faithful companions.

Each user can assemble and smith a personal unique mech assistant by visiting the galaxy meta garage

As training and entertainment, the mechs arrange competitions with each other in various arenas, allowing them to be more effective in the fight against real threats from time to time that loom over the “Crypto universe”.




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