Music platformer in Decentraland “Musical Tower”

Inception Fun
1 min readJun 21, 2022

The new project we have done for the 2022 Decentraland Game Jam scene is a Musical Tower built from musical notes and scores.

Climbing onto the roof of the music platforms activates a new musical part by overcoming each floor.

After going through the floors and climbing onto the top, the player enjoys playing the full music mix.

Once you complete the game you can take the POAP.

Game Name| Musical Tower
Number of players|
Land Size|4
Game Type|

This game development was focused on using a brand-new DCL-Edit product.

This solution helps to build and edit scenes for Decentraland very fast.

Changes to a scene have an immediate effect and can be tested right away and this is awesome!

With the help of DCL-Edit, the scene can be rebuilt very quickly, which makes it easily customizable and reusable.



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